Monday, March 12, 2007

Daily Grudgematch

Welcome to the Daily Grudgematch--a forum for debate on the REAL issues. OK, so not the real issues, but some made-up fun ones.

This is the idea: theoretical matchups will be placed on the site, and you the reader can analyze the relative strengths and weaknesses of each party in the matchup. Then, you comment on them and on the posts of others.

Like most ideas, this one came while discussing such a theoretical matchup in a group of friends (Kudos to John for making the comment that inspired me to start this blog). We've all done it, right? You've sat with your friends and thought: who would win in a fight between Shannen Doherty and Tonya Harding? Whose pizza is more greasy, Pizza Hut or Dominoes? Which is cooler, existentialism or transcendetalism? You get the idea. This is where we resolve those important debates.

Two General Rules (besides whatever direction is given in the post):
1. Keep it Clean
2. No personal attacks


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